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Beauty and Wellness Treatments

The Carchele Health & Beauty Spa treatment menu offers a variety of beauty and wellness treatments, please see full spa menu below, or click here to view as a PDF.

Valid to 30 November 2023


Our skin care therapists are highly qualified and trained to provide the utmost in professionalism – each facial treatment is focused on achieving optimum skin health.

We use only reputable and recognised professional skin care brands chosen for their excellence within the health and beauty field along with their ability to achieve the best possible results. With each facial of 60 minutes or more, we pamper you from head to toe with our unique signature welcome touch, scalp, hand and foot massage.


Technologically advanced, this high quality professional line utilises 27 Dead Sea minerals to effectively re-mineralise the skin and support the barrier function. Well known for their 24 Karat gold and pearl actives each one of the Black Pearl treatments offer superior results.

24 Karat Golden Indulgence

Pure and powerful, the 24 Karat gold offers a rare experience by igniting an anti-aging cascade and additionally creates an incredible luminescence that lingers beautifully.

R1100 / 2800 / 4200

30 / 60 / 90 min

Collagen Architecture Facial

This rejuvenating treatment filled with the exceptional Black Pearl Collagen Serum and Firming Mask aids in rebuilding the skin structure, resulting in an improvement in signs of the ageing process.

R930 / 1500 / 2000

30 / 60 / 90 min

Lux Luminescence

By harnessing the power of the Thermal Mask to gently peel away surface layers, the new generation nanotechnology ensures deeper penetration of active ingredients for superior results in purifying and energising the skin.

R1100 / 1430

60 / 90 min

Ultimate Luxury Facial

Using magnetism technology, exfoliation is intensified allowing optimal penetration of active ingredients. The Prestige G-Mask infused with rare algae extracts, is rich in protective anti-oxidants and minerals that activates the cell renewal process.

R950 / 1210

60 / 90 min

Lux Brilliance

This ultra-luxurious facial includes an innovative pectin system that delivers a combination of soft gold, collagen, minerals and hyaluronic acid, further intensified by multi-masking to achieve unparalleled hydration.

R1700 / 1980

60 / 90 min

Bespoke for Men

Using magnetism technology, exfoliation is intensified allowing optimal penetration of active ingredients. The Prestige G-Mask infused with rare algae extracts, is rich in protective anti-oxidants and minerals that activates the cell renewal process.

R950 / 1210

60 / 90 min


Eye lash tint
R 240
Eye brow tint
R 110
Lash and brow tint
R 300
Eye brow shape
R 130


Escape the pressures of daily life, surrender your senses and experience a facial treatment second to none. Carefully developed by a specialised team using extensive clinical and scientific studies, the Theravine™ range boasts indigenous Pinotage cultivar grape derivatives to which internationally acclaimed active ingredients, powerful ant-oxidant ingredients and organically grown indigenous botanicals have been added.

Advanced Facials

Specifically formulated to combat the signs of ageing, hydration and improving of specific skin conditions.

R1100 / 1320

60 / 90 min

Classic Facial

An essential facial tailored to your needs, offering options of rehydration, rebalancing, and firming, purifying or calming therapy for your skin.

R480 / 830 / 1070

30 / 60 / 90 min

Gents Skin Treatment

A power clean for the face, removes impurities, the build-up of dead cells and excess oil, leaving the skin deep-down clean, fresh and healthy looking.


60 min

Problem Skin

This facial is for those times when breakouts become problematic. The cooling, anti-inflammatory actives help with the problems of acne at any age.

R830 / 1070

60 / 90 min

Ultravine™ Advance Contouring Retinol Eye Treatment

An advanced eye mask treatment combined with a super-charged serum that helps to smooth away lines and wrinkles, creating a fresh and radiant looking eye contour, while visibly reducing the signs of ageing.


30 min


We use natural, high quality wax to ensure the most hygienic and effective method of hair removal.

Full leg/back/chest
Half leg/full arm/half chest
Three-quarter leg/top of legs
Under arms/half arm/bikini low cut
Bikini high cut


Some spa classics never go out of style… with our contemporary methods and professional products we know how to treat hands and feet.

Spa manicure including paraffin wax
Gents manicure including paraffin wax
Spa pedicure including paraffin wax and medi-heel
Gents pedicure including paraffin wax and medi-heel
Nail care for hands or feet or medi-heel
Paraffin wax treatment
Shellac no smudging, chipping or cracking, long lasting gel polish
French shellac
Soak off and nail care


We offer complimentary use of the Steam room with any of our Spa Treatment packages.

Couples Treatments

Dual treatments available in the same room, ask reception for details.

DermaLife Spa Oceana

The DermaLife Spa Oceana is a capsule with therapy program selections intended for detoxification, relaxation, rejuvenation and meditation. This blissful treatment is made up of numerous water jets, colour, vibrations and sensations, the ultimate experience of luxurious delight.


30 min


Including a Vichy Shower in the DermaLife Capsule.


30 min

Purifying Back Treatment

Ideal for someone suffering from congestion on the back. Cleansing, exfoliation, steam and extractions, massage and mask.


50 min

Body Wraps

All our wraps include exfoliation, a scalp massage and a vichy shower in the DermaLife capsule.


60 min

Detoxifying clay wrap

A warm remineralising clay helps draw out impurities, smooth and clarify the skin by restoring purity to the body after a cleansing body oil. Improves sluggish circulation and eliminates toxins.

Firming, soothing and hydrating gel wrap

A super hydrating treatment using firming actives and essential botanicals blended in an aloe based pack. Drift away as you are cocooned, revealing skin with greater firmness, tone and texture.

Energising and revitalising

An ideal treatment for those in need of a boost. A vibrant blend of essential oils will enliven your total being while your body is cocooned in remineralising clay for a smoother, hydrated and radiant looking skin.


The therapeutic benefits of massage are endless – relaxation, blood circulation, lymph drainage, muscular relief and skin rejuvenation are all addressed with our massage treatments. We offer half body, full body or back and neck massages.


A world famous classic medium pressured massage soothes and relaxes tired, fatigued muscles. It stimulates and invigorates circulation and promotes a wonderful sense of well-being.

R540 / 700 / 820 / 1130

30 / 45 / 60 / 90 min

Deep Tissue / Sports Massage

A deep penetrating massage, relieves deep underlying tension and sports-related aches and pains.

R690 / 810 / 950 / 1200

30 / 45 / 60 / 90 min

Aroma Lymph Drainage

Light pressured massage using the Lilian Terry FlexiCups together with customized blends of essential oils specific needs and various health issues in the body can be addressed.

R690 / 810 / 950 / 1200

30 / 45 / 60 / 90 min

Grounding massage

By stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system, the grounding massage effectively achieves a deep state of relaxation for the entire body. The benefits of free electrons that flood the body is – neutralising free radicals and fighting oxidative stress, improvement of blood flow, supporting the detoxification process, allowing oxygen to reach your organs and reducing inflammation.

950 / 1200

60 / 90 min

Soy candle massage

A beautifully nourishing massage with soybean oil, filled with fatty acids known to nourish and fight oxidative stress. A glorious pool of comfortably warm oil is continuously poured onto the skin while the therapist performs the massage.

R690 / 810 / 950 / 1200

30 / 45 / 60 / 90 min

Hot Stone and Himalayan salt

The smooth, heated lava stones create a comforting sensation that melts away deep seated tension and muscle stiffness while the hot, pure pink salt stones create negative ions allowing deep relaxation and reduces inflammation.

R690 / 810 / 950 / 1200

30 / 45 / 60 / 90 min

5 Star Massage

Looking for something different? We combine the best movements from our Swedish, Aroma, Hot Stone, Cupping and Rungu to give you that 5 STAR experience.


90 min

Tranquility Massage

Totally blissful body, face and scalp massage enhanced by the use of perfectly blended LT aroma oils.


90 min

Reflex Foot Zone Therapy

This deeply relaxing deep pressure massage technique relieves stress, promotes relaxation, and increases blood circulation through stimulation of pressure points.


40 min

Kneipp foot therapy

Kneipp foot therapy sessions facilitate the body’s own thermal reaction and immune responses. By alternating the waters’ temperature, between icy cold and steamy hot, this aids in the improvement of the blood flow, lymph circulation and in regulating the metabolism. The feet are then dried and the
client receives 20min foot massage.


30 min

Indian Head Massage

Massaging of the head, neck and shoulders brings about a deep sense of relaxation.


45 min

Leg Massage

An invigorating lower leg and foot massage leaves the feet refreshed, light and re-energized.


30 min

Foot Massage

An all-time favorite! Relaxing and pain relieving.


20 min

Scalp Massage

20 min


  • Scalp massage
  • Back, neck and shoulder massage
  • Foot and leg massage
  • R990

    1 hr 20 min

    Spa Taster – Ideal for the First Time Spa User

    30 min back neck and shoulder massage 30 min facial.


    60 min

    Deluxe Mother-To-Be Spa
  • Dry skin brushing
  • Hydrating and nourishing body wrap
  • Scalp massage
  • Back and neck massage
  • Tired foot and leg massage
  • Hand massage
  • R1650

    120 min

    His or Hers Spa
  • Back and neck scrub or wrap, depending on your individual needs
  • Back and neck massage
  • Scalp massage
  • Foot massage
  • R990 per person

    60 min

    Essentially Male / Female Spa
  • Back massage
  • Scalp massage
  • Classic facial
  • Foot massage
  • R1470

    120 min

    Relax Spa
  • Invigorating full body exfoliation
  • Anti stress body wrap
  • Vichy shower experience in the DermaLife capsule
  • Facial in accordance to skin’s needs
  • Back, neck and shoulder massage
  • R2150

    2 hrs 30 min


    Combining aroma and reflex foot zone therapy, deeply relaxes mind, body and soul.


    120 min

    Teen Spa
  • Balancing Facial
  • Teen Manicure
  • Teen Pedicure
  • R1380

    120 min

    De-stress, Anti-Fatigue Day Spa

    If you’ve been experiencing stress and fatigue within your daily tasks and you’re not catching up with life, then a half a day of pure pampering is what you receive in this popular package.

  • Suitable for males and females
  • Aromatic steam
  • Full body salt exfoliation
  • Cocooned in a body wrap to ease fatigue as you rest and enjoy a scalp massage
  • 30 min Dermlife Spa Oceana experience to suite your needs
  • Our relaxing massage followed by the
  • Luxurious facial suited to your skin type
  • Deluxe manicure and pedicure which includes a tension relief gel for your legs
  • This package includes a light lunch and soft drink to leave you rejuvenated with a sense of well-being.


    6 hrs 30 min

    24 Karat Golden Splendour

    This exquisite journey comprises the 30-minute 24 Karat Golden Indulgence facial and a 60-minute massage. The magnificent massage uses anti-ageing 24 Karat gold massage oil to stimulate muscle circulation and release tension.


    90 min

    Clients are kindly requested to read the following conditions applicable to the
    Health and Beauty Spa


    The spa is a retreat for your body, mind, and soul. In consideration of other guests, we request that noise levels are kept to a minimum and that cellular phones are kept on silent for the duration of your spa visit. Children are not allowed in the spa unless they are having a treatment and accompanied by an adult.


    Advanced booking prior to your arrival is recommended to secure your preferred date and time of treatment.


    Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment.


    We recommend that no jewelry be worn to the spa. The management and staff cannot accept any responsibility for the loss of money or valuables of any kind brought into the spa.

    Refund Policy

    All treatments, packages and any products bought are non-refundable.


    We accept cash and all major credit cards. Regrettably cheques are not accepted. All prices quoted are in Rand and are subject to change without prior notice.

    Group bookings

    All group bookings (3 people or more) require a 50% deposit.

    Cancellation policy

    Any cancellation with less than 4 hours’ notice will incur a 50% cancellation fee.

    Gift vouchers are available to purchase

    Monday to Sunday from 9:00 to 20:00
    After 18:00 and on Sundays, by appointment only

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